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OCD Specialist in Brooklyn, NYC

OCD is more than just being super neat or wanting things to be arranged in a specific way.

Most people will experience obsessive thoughts or impulses at some point, but OCD is far more impactful. 

If you frequently get caught in a distressing cycle of unwanted and intrusive thoughts that significantly impact your daily life, you may be dealing with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

When Is It Time To Seek Help?


Thoughts and/or compulsions causing significant distress


Feeling unsafe due to intrusive thoughts and/or urges


Thoughts and compulsions interfere with everyday activities and functioning 


Unable to go to work/school or take care of family  

How is OCD treated?


Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP): Gradually exposing the individual to the feared thought or urge and learning how to resist engaging in obsessive rituals 


Medication: Antidepressants, along with regular therapy, can aid in controlling obsessive thinking

OCD is not just a phase.

If left untreated, it can worsen over time. If you feel stuck in a cycle of distressing thoughts and intense urges, Flourish Psychology can help you get back to living your most fulfilling and beautiful life!