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When Does ‘Social Media Vs. Reality’ Debunking Become Body Dysmorphia?

Posts about flawed bodies frequently go viral, but they might not be as empowering as they seem. Sadi Fox speaks to Vice on the increasing number of clients who feel triggered by so-called “body-positive” content that’s meant to do anything but.

Make This The Year You Follow Instagram Influencers Who Look Like You

“No one is impervious to the impossible body standards we see on Instagram,” said Sadi Fox. In this piece, get to know how to diversify your social media feed and improve your body image and self-esteem.

What Is Body Checking? Experts Break Down The Damaging Behavior

According to Sadi Fox, having an over-perfectionist personality may drive the compulsion to check the body as a way to gain control, and therefore the behavior might persist despite achieving desired outcomes. If you constantly check the mirror, compare yourself to past photos or focus on certain features, this mental health advice is for you.

Why Therapy Rituals Can Be An Important Part of The Process

In this article, Sadi Fox shares her views on how she guides her clients through what’s called a “container exercise,” in which they visualize and describe a hypothetical container to put distressing thoughts and feelings into, at the end of emotionally taxing appointments.