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Flourish Psychology is a Private Practice That Provides Open, Safe Support For Your Eating Disorders in NYC

We spend our entire lives inside of our bodies. That is why a healthy body image is so important. But many adults in New York City struggle with their vision of their body. They look in the mirror and see their body as unhealthy or unattractive – viewing their bodies in a way that is at odds with reality, and affects their mental health.

Flourish Psychology provides treatment for eating disorders in Brooklyn and NYC. We address the way that you view weight, food, exercise, and other challenges related to conditions like anorexia and bulimia. Our therapists work with the many complexities of life that create eating disorders and transform the relationship you have with your body.

It’s time for you to start feeling good about yourself and seeing your body the way it was meant to be seen. Give us a call at 917-737-9475 or use our online form to be connected to our office.

About Flourish Psychology – Brooklyn Eating Disorder Therapists

Eating disorders are not only about food. They’re not only about weight. They’re not only about societal perceptions of beauty. Eating disorders tend to develop through a complex combination of traumas, life experiences, genetics, anxiety, depression, desire for control, and more.

At Flourish Psychology, we want to explore your eating disorder with you, while also creating actionable solutions that will help you take control over your eating habits and love yourself and your body again.

We help you revisit your reason for extreme dieting or unhealthy eating, and we explore what is causing you to view your body through an obscured lens.

Above all, we want to help you see progress. Every choice we make at every session is designed to help you improve, creating healthier habits and rebuilding your self-esteem and self-confidence. We will create a safe space for you to feel welcomed, and we will be here to welcome you and see you for the unique individual you are.

Types of Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues

Body image issues, with or without an eating disorder, are all-too common in today’s image-focused society, and even more so in places like New York City with our heavy fashion and celebrity focus. Body image issues can also come up genetically, organically, or through life experiences. In an effort to cope with their body image issues, some people also develop eating disorders. These include:


Anorexia Nervosa – This is a form of extreme caloric restriction (starvation) where a person eats well below a healthy amount of calories, typically resulting in extreme weight loss. Those with anorexia are at risk of severe health consequences as a result of this restriction.


Bulimia Nervosa – Patients with bulimia present with two conditions. First, they eat large amounts of food in a single sitting, known as “binge eating,” and then they purge that food through vomiting or laxatives before the calories can be processed. Exercise bulimia is a similar condition, where instead of purging the calories, a person excessively exercises instead.


Binge Eating Disorder – Some patients, through shame or difficulty coping with life stress, may develop a binge eating disorder. Binge eaters eat large portions in a single sitting, but may not purge the food after eating.


Purging Disorder – Similarly, some people may not binge eat, but may still purge after eating. We typically call this a purging disorder.

Body image issues may also present as low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and depression, and may not always come with an eating disorder.

Most people are familiar with the term “rose colored glasses,” referring to the idea that, when you look at someone, you’re seeing them with adoring eyes in a way that isn’t always reflected by reality.

In the world of psychotherapy, we often see patients struggling with eating disorders and body issues that see themselves with a different type of “glasses.” It is more than just struggling with confidence.
The patients we see can look at themselves and genuinely see a body that isn’t reflected by the mirror, as though seeing a different reality.

Eating Disorder Treatments in Brooklyn, NY

Eating disorders can cause many challenging health consequences. They can also dramatically impact your quality of life, and your ability to cope with other stress and anxiety. At Flourish Psychology in NYC, we have several evidence based approaches for addressing eating disorders and related issues.
Our therapy for eating disorders may include:

Flourish Psychology has several eating disorder therapists that are here to work with you not only on your body image challenges, but also to address any additional issues that you may struggle with, from anxiety to depression to relationship challenges. We are here to help with your recovery, and offer solutions that we know can help you develop a healthier way of looking at food and your body.

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Our team of psychologists and therapists are available right now to talk to you about your eating disorder or body image issues, and to help you find a better relationship with food, health, and with yourself.
You likely feel overwhelmed and worried. You may feel lonely at times and like this may never change. We can help you overcome these problems through an exploration of your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. We will help you improve your self-esteem and see yourself in a positive light. Your relationship with food and exercise will improve and you will feel free.

Your feelings of sadness, fear, and stress will decrease. You will start to feel better as we work to battle your concerns. Imagine having a better body image, more control over food and exercise, and a better outlook on life.
You deserve to feel good about yourself. We offer treatment for bulimia, anorexia, binge eating and other eating and body image issues in the Brooklyn Heights area of New York, NY. Contact us today to get started.

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