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Anxiety Therapy in Brooklyn, NYC

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you deserve to be free from anxiety.

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You may be struggling with general anxiety, social anxiety, OCD or panic attacks.

A persistent state of anxiety can have lasting effects on your mental health and can impact every aspect of your life, from work to relationships to finances.

You may sometimes feel on edge without even knowing why

You May Feel


Constant worry


Overwhelming stress


Physical discomfort such as shortness of breath or increased heart rate


Consistently tense or on edge

You May Experience


Irritability in relationships


Worry about rejection or judgment from others


Trouble sleeping


A fear of losing control

We believe you can overcome anxiety.

 get ANXIETY TREATMENT in Brooklyn Heights.

Therapists at Flourish Psychology can guide you to make your life better. We will teach you how to relieve your anxiety through skills and thought exercises (such as CBT). We will increase your insight into your triggers for anxiety so you can identify them and decrease them throughout your life. We explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that impact your anxiety. We will help you change the way you think.

These experiences of anxiety put you into flight-or-fight mode and have long-lasting effects on your body, mind, and intimate relationships. Anxiety is devastating on long-term health and well-being. Anxiety impacts your health in a way that must be treated.

We see fast change in clients struggling with anxiety and we want to help you overcome your anxiety barriers.

Anxiety does not get to control your life. You do. We offer anxiety therapy for social anxiety, panic attacks and more in the Brooklyn Heights area of New York, NY.