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Flourish Psychology’s Eating Disorder Therapists Provide Effective Brooklyn Bulimia Treatments and Programs – Available for All of New York City

Society puts a lot of pressure on us to maintain a specific type of appearance. That pressure can cause some people to view themselves as less desirable physically, or to struggle with the way they view their bodies. As a result, some people develop eating disorders.
One of the most common is known as bulimia – specifically, “bulimia nervosa” – a mental health disorder that combines eating and purging to lose or maintain a specific weight.

At Flourish Psychology in NYC, our therapists provide treatment for bulimia, and other eating disorders, to help patients maintain both their mental and physical health. Call 917-737-9475 to learn more, or contact us via our online form.

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What Is Bulimia?

There are different types of eating disorders. Most eating disorders revolve around caloric reduction or restriction – trying to consume fewer calories in order to lose weight or maintain low body weight. Anorexia, which is another type of eating disorder, involves essentially starving oneself in order to lose as much weight as possible.

Bulimia is different. Patients with bulimia still eat food – either by eating normally or by binge eating, which is eating large quantities of food in one sitting – but then they purge the food, either by forcing themselves to vomit the food up or by taking medications and laxatives to force the calories out.

    Because the food has been purged before it was processed by the body, the body doesn’t process the calories. However, it also doesn’t process the nutrients, which is why bulimia nervosa – like anorexia – can be very dangerous in both he short and long term.

    People with bulimia may also reduce calories in different ways:

    Vomiting – This is the most common form of bulimia nervosa. Patients binge eat and then regurgitate the food immediately afterward.

    Exercise Bulimia – Exercise bulimia is a non-purging form of bulimia. With exercise bulimia, patients excessively use the gym to burn away all the calories they consumed.

    Laxatives/Medications – Some patients may misuse laxatives, enemas, or other medications to purge out the calories.

    Fasting – Some patients may fast after binging, restricting calories dramatically in order to burn the calories they consumed.

    Bulimia is unhealthy, no matter how someone purges. It also is directly linked to an unhealthy body image. This makes it even more difficult to stop the symptoms of bulimia, because they struggle to see themselves in a positive way.

    NYC Bulimia – Why New York City Has High Eating Disorder Rates

    Here in the Brooklyn and general NYC area, we may be at greater risk for eating disorders like bulimia. New York City is a very fashion and image-focused. There are many celebrities, models, and actors that face pressures that can lead to bulimia and many others that find themselves having difficulty feeling positive about their bodies in ways that are very specific to the culture of the NYC area.

    Woman with OCD in NYC washing hands

    Therapy and Treatment for Bulimia at Flourish Psychology

    Flourish Psychology has a team of therapists that are experienced in treating eating disorders. We offer caring, personalized support that is based on you – what caused you to develop an eating disorder, what your struggles are, and how we can help you overcome them. We may take from several distinctive modalities, including:

      Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

      Dialectical Behavioral Therapy


      Art Therapy

      We also want to be there for any struggles you may face, helping you learn better coping habits for stress, a healthier body image, and a better relationship not only with food, but also with yourself and others.

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        Our therapists understand how to provide you with the support that you need. Please call our office today or use our online form and we will respond as soon as possible to schedule your appointment.

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