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Art Therapist in NYC – Brooklyn Therapists Specializing in Art Therapy

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Art Therapy Provides a Creative Approach to Mental Health in New York City That is Engaging, Enjoyable, and Effective. 

Express Yourself with Art Therapy from Flourish Psychology

There are many ways to treat mental health. Our role as therapists is to find the approach that would work best for you. One option that we strongly believe in is known as “art therapy,” which is a form of therapy that is directed around personal expression and interpretation that helps many patients address and overcome a variety of issues, including eating disorders, anxiety, and more.

At Flourish Psychology, we have therapists that specialize specifically in art therapy. These individuals are trained to combine evidence based therapeutic practices with art, which includes painting, dancing, sketching, sculpture, and other outlets that are used creatively for expressing emotions, guiding thought processes, evaluating worries, and recovery.

Our art therapists offer an effective way to treat a variety of mental health conditions and are available to help support your mental health. If you are looking for an art therapist in NYC, or you want to learn more about the different treatment modalities available for your struggles, contact Flourish Psychology today at 917-737-9475 or use our online form to get in contact with our front office.

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy, as its name implies, is an approach to psychotherapy that integrates artistic expression into the mental health treatment program.

Why would this help?

One of the challenges that many patients have when they struggle with mental health challenges is the ability to describe or find the words to explain how they feel and what they experienced.

They may know they’re struggling, but they’re having difficulty finding the words or processing it in a way that makes it possible for them to truly express what they’re dealing with.

Art helps. Art gives a non-verbal outlet that you and your therapist can use to better understand what you’re feeling. It can help people who struggle with trauma-related disorders, like PTSD, process that trauma.

It can help those with eating disorders gain better understanding of themselves and what is contributing to their body image issues. It can also help people process anxiety, depression, sexuality, and more.

Art therapy also doesn’t limit itself to creating the art. You and your art therapist also discuss it, evaluate it, and try to identify where and why you expressed yourself in these ways. It can also be combined with other treatment modalities that support and enhance your mental health and wellbeing.

Who is Art Therapy For?

Our team of Brooklyn art therapists will determine if we believe art therapy is right for you. It can be a useful form of expression for many different conditions, but it depends on your struggles and what it is that would benefit from your expression. As psychotherapists, we do not push you to any therapy unless we believe that it will benefit you. Art therapy can be used to help with:


Stress Management


Anger Management

You do not have to be a talented artist or have any art experience at all to benefit from this approach to therapy. All that matters is that you are willing to commit yourself to the process and work with your therapist to find ways to use art therapy to reach your goals.

Why Choose Flourish Psychology?

Flourish Psychology is a boutique private practice in Brooklyn, working remotely to provide services throughout NYC and New York State. Our psychotherapists are trained to provide art therapy, along other effective modalities to treat a variety of mental health conditions.

We create a safe space where you feel comfortable to be yourself. All of our treatment choices are built around you, and we make honest assessments to guide you towards a better and happier future.

Call Flourish Psychology Today for Therapy and Support in NYC

Art therapy is one of many effective treatment options available for any patient that has struggled with PTSD, depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, and other mental health conditions. Here at Flourish Psychology, we are focused on your long term mental health and growth, with specialty services available to help you thrive. Call Flourish Psychology today, or use our online form to reach out to our team.

FAQ About Art Therapy

I Do Not Typically Enjoy Art or Know Much About It – Should I Choose Art Therapy?

Art therapy may sounds like it is art focused, but what it is really focused on is mental health. Not only do you not have to be an artist, you do not have to particularly like art. Rather than read too much into the word art, it is important to understand that it is a researched, effective form of therapy.

Can Art Therapy Be Done Online?

Yes, art therapy can be adapted to an online format, where sessions are conducted via video conferencing. This allows for flexibility and accessibility for individuals who cannot attend in-person sessions due to geographic, physical, or other constraints.

How Is Art Therapy Different from an Art Class?

We are not teaching people to become better artists. We are not Art therapy focuses on the emotional and therapeutic aspects of art-making, rather than teaching specific artistic techniques or producing aesthetically pleasing outcomes. It is facilitated by a professional art therapist who is trained to guide individuals through the therapeutic process using art.

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