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Caring Treatment for Depression in Brooklyn, NYC with Flourish Psychology

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Find Light in the Dark with Our Therapists at Flourish Psychology in Brooklyn – Together, Let’s Restore Hope and Learn to Manage Your Depression Symptoms.

Hopelessness is a symptom of depression. But depression can be treated. Flourish Psychology is a boutique private practice in New York City, with therapists for depression that take the time to see you, to know you, and to help you re-discover the good things about yourself and the world.

We are here for you when you need help. Call us at 917-737-9475 to be connected with one of our NYC therapists, or use our online form to contact our team and we will be in touch as soon as we are able.

You May Feel




A low self-esteem




Meaningless and Hopeless


Mood Swings

You May Experience


Crying Spells


Loneliness, a desire to isolate


A lack of motivation


Decreased passion


Thoughts of escape

Understanding Depression – What it is, Why It Hurts

Depression can occur at any time. It can build slowly over the course of one’s life. It can be a response to trauma or life events. It can be caused by experiences, diet, and even genetics. Depression is more than sadness. It is a feeling of losing hope, struggling to experience feelings of joy, and potentially causing dark thoughts.

Depression can also take many forms:

  • Major Depression – Also known as clinical depression, where a person has a depressed mood and loses interest in daily activities.
  • Persistent Depressive Disorder – Also known as “dysthymia,” where a person experiences regular forms of depression but not always ongoing the way major depression is.
  • Bipolar Disorder – Also known as “manic depression,” where a person cycles through times of severe depression and mania.
  • Postpartum Depression – Depression that occurs after the birth of a baby, typically due to hormonal changes and life stress after childbirth.
  • Seasonal Depression – Also known as “seasonal affective disorder,” seasonal depression involves a combination of chemical changes and life experiences that create depression in winter months.

Depression has many different symptoms, including sadness, irritability, anhedonia (inability to feel joy), insomnia, hypersomnia, anxiety, and mood swings. If depression is severe enough, it may come with suicidal thoughts or actions.

But one symptom that all depression has in common is that it makes itself feel untreatable. Hopelessness is a symptom of depression, which pushes people to not seek treatment as their depression makes them feel like it won’t work.


Depression is treatable. After decades of research and testing, we have very effective therapies for helping those with depression manage their symptoms, respond to setbacks, and find relief and enjoyment from their friends, family, and the many joys that life has to offer.

At Flourish Psychology, are depression therapists in Brooklyn use many different techniques and modalities depending on who you are and what we believe will provide you with the best outcome for your depression and your mental health. Some of our treatment options include:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Art Therapy, and More

Here at Flourish Psychology, our approach to depression is based on you as a person. We want to know as much as we can about who you are, and we’re here to be your support system even if what you need most is someone to talk to. We treat with modalities that are effective, long lasting, and evidence based, and work together to monitor your progress and help you through any challenges you may face.

We also explore negative, core beliefs that you have about yourself and help you restore your worth and self-esteem. We teach you coping skills and help you improve motivation and interest in what you love. Depression is common and it can be treated with the right approach and therapeutic relationship.

Therapy for Depression with Flourish Psychology

Experienced Depression Therapists: Brooklyn, NYC


Everyone deserves to have personalized help by therapists in NYC that care about them as individuals. That is what we offer here at Flourish Psychology. We are a boutique practice that offers one on one care using remote therapy to make sure that you’re always in a place that is comfortable for you.

Our psychologists and therapists recognize the importance of understanding and accepting you and all of your individuality. We are also LGBTQ friendly and recognize cultural differences.

You are enough and you deserve to feel happy.

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