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a short-term approach to therapy

For those who want a short-term, goal-oriented approach to therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for depression, anxiety, trauma and more may be the answer.

This form of therapy helps you to identify and challenge negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors, so you can deal with them in a healthy way. 

CBT teaches you to become your own therapist. 

benefits of cognitive behavioral Therapy


Short-term and goal-oriented


Teaches you to become your own therapist


Helps you to identify negative thought patterns that no longer serve you


Anger management


Helps you to take a healthier approach to  the challenges of everyday life

change your thoughts, change your life.



Flourish Psychology has clinicians trained in the use of CBT and can help you overcome mental health concerns using this approach.

CBT is a popular method for therapy that is evidence-based and well researched. CBT looks at how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are linked. You will explore each area and identify where there is a block in your life. You will also look at the beliefs you hold about yourself and how they affect your well being. Furthermore, this method allows you to change the way you think and essentially teaches you to become your own therapist throughout your life. CBT is skill-based and can also include meditation and mindfulness as well.

Create long-lasting change. We offer CBT therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma and more in the Brooklyn Heights area of New York, NY.