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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment in NYC with Flourish Psychology

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Find Yourself Better Able to Manage Anxious Thoughts and Free of the Burden of Constant Worry with Anxiety Therapy from Flourish Psychology in Brooklyn, NY

Flourish Psychology is a boutique psychotherapy practice that specializes in anxiety and anxiety therapy. Our local, NYC therapists combine caring, supportive guidance with evidence-based treatment solutions to help you work through any type of mental health condition, and find yourself better able to take on the challenges of the day.
Our anxiety therapists are available to help you with all anxiety conditions, including generalized anxiety disorder.

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What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)?

There is more than one type of anxiety. Some people have powerful, all-encompassing anxiety attacks.

Some people have fears of specific objects or situations. Some people have anxiety related to a specific trauma.

But there are others that experience a more general anxiety that causes them different worries, or makes them feel as though they are anxious all the time.

This is typically referred to as “generalized anxiety,” as it is not tied to a specific event or activity, not necessarily severe (although it can be), and instead causes someone to experience more persistent, consistent worries and general feelings of fear.

Patients with GAD generally have both mental and physical anxiety symptoms. Some of the cognitive symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder include:


Ongoing worry, often about small or irrational things.


Overthinking, both for future and past events.


Finding yourself feeling fearful in situations where it isn’t warranted.


Racing thoughts, along with difficulty concentrating.


Self-doubt and fear of making the wrong choice or decision.

Some of the physical symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder include:


Physical feelings of nervousness and being on edge.


Muscle tension.


Shaking or trembling.


Stomach issues, including what feels like an irritable bowel.


Difficulty sleeping and feeling relaxed.

Some people with generalized anxiety have the physical symptoms of anxiety despite not noticing any specific worries. They may feel shaky, on edge, etc., yet not feel that worried about anything in particular.

Other people experience powerful worries. Some refer to this as being “neurotic” where a person has extensive, irrational worries about many different things (for example, extensive worry that their partner will get into a car accident every time they are away from home), yet the term “neurotic” is no longer used in the medical world as it has negative connotations. Generalized anxiety disorder is a more common and accepted term that we use today to encompass the many different ways people may experience symptoms.

Generalized anxiety disorder can also occur concurrently with panic disorder, OCD, depression, and other conditions. Having more than one mental health disorder is known as “Comorbidity.”

Treatment for Generalized Anxiety with Flourish Psychology

One challenge that people face with generalized anxiety is that it often feels “manageable.” Even though the anxiety is constant, it doesn’t always feel severe. Many people with GAD are able to hold jobs, spend time with friends, and maintain relationships. This is one of the reasons that many of those with GAD do not seek help.

However, generalized anxiety disorder is a constant negative presence. Even though it may feel manageable, it is typically a heavy burden. During periods of prolonged stress or anxiety, patients with GAD may also develop more severe forms of anxiety or depression as a result of the ongoing stress and tension that GAD creates.

At Flourish Psychology, our Brooklyn anxiety therapists are here to help you manage and overcome these general feelings of anxiety. We use a range of different techniques designed around you as an individual, including:

We are also here to talk. Our approach to therapy doesn’t require treating you as a test subject, but rather as a genuine person that our therapists get to know and understand as best we can. That’s how we can offer you the best possible treatment for anxiety available.

Although we are based in Brooklyn, we use remote therapy to support anyone in New York City or anywhere in NY state. We encourage you to contact us no matter where you are, and we’ll provide you with the treatment you deserve.

NYC Anxiety – Why Brooklyn and NYC is Especially Prone to Anxiety

It is estimated that at least 5% of the population or more has generalized anxiety in some form, although only a fraction ever seeks treatment. Anxiety is always challenging. But here in New York City, many people find that generalized anxiety is especially difficult. That is because, here in the city that never sleeps, there are a lot more noises, a lot more people, and a lot more societal pressures.

While NYC has so many advantages that make it a fantastic place to live, one way that it tends to struggle is that there are very few opportunities for quiet reflection.

Many people here in Brooklyn and throughout the area struggle to develop the coping strategies they need to relax their mind and find relief from their stresses. That makes the people here more prone to developing anxiety problems.

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At Flourish Psychology, our boutique practice revolves around you. We want to be there to help you recover form any anxiety issues you face, connecting you with a therapist in Brooklyn that you can trust to address your needs. Please contact us today by phone or by filling out our online form, and let’s put you on a path towards better mental health.

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