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Flourish Psychology Works With Content Creators and Public Figures Struggling with Body Images Issues, Anxiety, Depression, and Other Mental Health Conditions

Flourish Psychology, a New York City boutique private practice, works with many clients that are struggling with disordered eating, body image issues, and those under intense stress and pressure as visual public figures. Many of our patients are social media influencers and celebrities, whose work as content creators leads to intense public scrutiny in ways that can be damaging to mental health.

Work with patients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and in over 30 additional states, Flourish Psychology is here to private discreet mental health services that address your most pressing needs. Please contact us at 917-737-9475 or fill out our online form to reach out to one of our therapists.

Young NYC business woman gets a panic attack that looks like a heart attack

Social Media, Mental Health, and Work

Most of us are relatively familiar at this point about some of the mental health “dangers” of social media, from social media addiction to challenges associated with posting photos publicly for judgment. But when content creation is your job, and/or you’re making a living off of social media with potentially thousands to millions of fans and followers watching your every move, those risks can be exacerbated.

Many people that make their living online as influencers, sex workers, content creators, or online models struggle with a variety of mental health issues including:


Body Dysmorphia

Family/Relationship Struggles

Posting photos or videos of yourself for public scrutiny can be emotionally and psychologically challenging, even if it is a rewarding and fulfilling career. That is why it is so helpful to work with a therapist or counselor that recognizes the importance of mental healthcare when faced with this type of career, and to provide that service with as much discretion and personal care as needed.

Why Choose Flourish Psychology?

Flourish Psychology has been focused on providing caring, thorough, individualized mental health services for many years, with a team of therapists that are outstanding at working with patients on a personalized level. We have worked with many celebrities, CEOs, and others that are struggling with needs of their positions, and that experience is what has helped us forge relationships with influencers and other social media celebrities – along with a greater understanding of the types of issues that affect those in their position.

Getting Started – Contact Flourish Psychology Today

Social media has made it so that many of us, even those without a following and those that do not necessarily work as social media influencers, are still “public figures” with content that can be seen, viewed, and judged by all. For those that actually work as content creators, these risks and challenges are amplified considerably.

At Flourish Psychology, we want to help you cope with these challenges, identify and address areas of concern, and help you stay focused and grounded so that you can continue your career without extensive stress. If you’re interested in connecting with one of our therapists, please give us a call today. Though we are based in Brooklyn in NYC, we are part of a program that allows us to practice therapy in over 30 states, and perform much of our work remotely.

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