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Purging Disorder and Bulimia

We face many pressures to see ourselves a specific way. Those pressures can cause us to have a distorted view of the way we look or push us into behaviors that are unhealthy for our bodies.

There are many ways eating disorders can express themselves. One type of eating disorder is known as “purging disorder,” a condition where a patient tries to purge themselves of calories they ate in order to lose weight.

At Flourish Psychology, we are specialists in eating disorders, and our therapists are available to help you if you’re struggling with purging and body image issues. Call 917-737-9475 or use our online form to schedule an appointment.

What Is Purging Disorder?

Purging disorder is a type of eating disorder related to both anorexia and bulimia. When a patient has purging disorder, they eat typically a normal or slightly below normal quantity of food, but then attempt to “purge” that food through vomiting or laxatives so that their bodies are not able to process the calories.
Purging disorder can lead to extremely low caloric intake and can be dangerous for both short and long term health.

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How Does Purging Disorder Differ from Bulimia and Anorexia?

Purging disorder is similar to bulimia, another eating disorder. Bulimia is a condition where a person binge eats (eating large quantities of food in one sitting) and then attempts to purge the food before they’ve had an opportunity to absorb all the calories. People with bulimia often lose self-control around food and purge the disorder in an effort to prevent weight gain.

With purging disorder, the patient hasn’t lost control around food but instead is trying to lose weight by purging anything they did eat to reduce their caloric intake even further. Meals are often “normal” or below normal with no binge eating. This has an effect similar to anorexia, where the individual may end up processing and consuming a very low quantity of calories, leading to starvation.

    How is Purging Disorder Treated?

    Flourish Psychology is a boutique private practice in Brooklyn, which serves eating disorder patients throughout New York City. Dr. Sadi Fox, the founder of Flourish Psychology, is a psychologist that has extensively worked with patients struggling silently with eating disorders and their related challenges.

    Our NYC therapists approach your recovery by recognizing that your struggles are uniquely you. Their causes, their symptoms, how they originated – your experience is not the same as the experience of others, and you deserve a treatment that is based on who you are from a therapist that sees you.

    While the specific eating disorder treatment modalities may differ between patients, most of the time we will integrate evidence based therapies that include:

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (CBT)


    Art Therapy

    Our role is to work with you to determine what is most likely to offer you the support you need and help you on your way towards a better relationship with food, your body, and your ability to respond to issues like anxiety and depression.

    NYC Therapy for Purging Disorder: Help When You Need It

    Purging disorder is a mental health condition that can lead to serious health challenges. It is very important to receive help as soon as possible, to reduce your risk of short or long term problems with your health.

    But we also know that it is hard for those with eating disorders to seek help. Many people with eating disorders genuinely see themselves in a way that is disproportionate to reality, and feel extreme pressure to address that through caloric restriction and purging.

    We at Flourish Psychology are here to help you regain a healthy view of yourself, handle your emotions, and feel supported ever step of the way. Contact us today to get started.

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