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Relationship Issues & Couples Counseling in brooklyn, nyc

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fulfilling relationships improve your quality of life.

let’s restore and grow your connection

Couples counseling is for everyone, whether you are just starting a relationship or have been together a number of years. You don’t have to have identified a specific “problem” to come to couples therapy.

We can help you grow together.

Common reasons to start couples therapy


Pre-marital or commitment steps


Explore changing the relationship


Discuss finances with a balanced presence


Working through a conflict

We can help you to


Improve communication


Understand arguments


Talk about sex


Process infidelity


Discuss parenting

let’s talk about relationships.

At Flourish Psychology we know that each couple is unique and has a different story. We explore your relationship with you to enhance understanding of each other and to improve communication. We help you gain perspective to increase your awareness and understanding of your partner. 

Being in a relationship doesn’t have to be hard all of the time. If you are worried about the strength of your relationship or the future of the partnership we can help support you to explore your concerns.

At Flourish, we affirm all couples – gay, straight, poly, trans, open, gender expansive, single, married, dating, friends, blended, and parents in relationships.

Improving your relationships can improve your life.