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Trauma is any distressing experience.

let us help you heal.

After experiencing a traumatic event, you may feel guilty, ashamed, or helpless. These feelings are a natural response to a disturbing situation that may limit your ability to cope with the everyday challenges of life.

Your feelings are valid. We can help you to manage them with trauma treatment for emotional trauma, psychological trauma, and more. Our clinicians combine extensively-researched modalities with empathy and compassion to support you as you process your trauma.

EMDR and Progressive Counting are both modern, effective methods of healing. These treatment options have been proven to treat trauma or negative memories and can be incorporated into your therapy sessions.

You May Feel


Constant guilt




Increased levels of stress


Stuck or unable to make progress

You May Experience


Nightmares or flashbacks


Fear of being in specific places


Fear of interacting with certain people

you don’t have to do this alone.


Most of us have experienced trauma. The therapists at Flourish Psychology can use a trauma-informed therapy approach to help you overcome negative memories and the way they affect you.

The body holds trauma and increases our stress reaction. Therefore, trauma can make you feel stuck. Survival of trauma can cause a negative mood and anxiety. It can also cause nightmares and flashbacks related to negative events. Trauma can also cause you to avoid people, places, or thoughts in order to help you feel safe. 

Trauma experiences can also affect the way we interpret events and handle emotions. The way we coped with trauma in the past can affect the way we handle current situations that have nothing to do with the original experience. Therefore, we might react poorly in the present due to ways we needed to behave to survive in the past.

The therapists at Flourish Psychology will help you feel safe as you work through trauma experiences. They will be on your side to support you and to help you heal. They will help you cope and then thrive.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou. We offer trauma healing and recovery for psychological trauma, PTSD and more in the Brooklyn Heights area of New York, NY.”

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