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Therapy is an investment that comes with serious returns. By taking care of your mental health, you’ll be better able to manage all the other aspects of your life.


Many people that seek out any form of mental healthcare believe that they are required to find a psychologist that is “in-network” and covered by their insurance. This is not necessarily the case.
Flourish Psychology is what’s known as an “Out of Network” provider.

Many forms of insurance in NY today cover 50% to 100% of all therapy and mental healthcare, even if the therapist is not in their network. The only difference is that you pay first, and then your insurance company reimburses you for that payment.

If your insurance does not cover therapy or out-of-network providers, we are still able to accept most forms of payment out of pocket and make sure that you receive the support you need.


Flourish Psychology quickly realized that being part of an insurance network would limit patients, leading to restrictions on care that would prevent them from being fully served. That is because, in order to be an
“in-network” provider, you have to:


Make a specific diagnosis and put that diagnosis in the person’s permanent medical record


Limit the number of sessions and what can be covered in those sessions


Provide only specific types of mental health care approaches for only the diagnosed issue

At Flourish, many of our patients simply need support. They may have a condition, like anxiety, but they may also have workplace stress, relationship stress, and other challenges they face. They may benefit from CBT or DBT, or they may need an approach that incorporates many different therapies. Sometimes, they just need a listening ear.


We want you to be entirely in charge of your decision-making

Insurers often try to make decisions for you regarding the types of treatment you can receive, treatment time, and other important considerations

Wellness has no finish line, and we don’t want you to be limited by an insurance policy

The cost to see one of our NYC psychologists is varies depending on the therapist and the service, and then may be partially covered by insurance. Our average cost per session $250, and if your insurance covers 80% for out-of-network care (for example), that means you only end up paying $50 per session. Depending on your specific insurance benefits, your out-of-pocket cost could be a little more or a little less.

Please note that to avoid a full session charge, clients should alert the office and their clinician that they need to reschedule their appointment at least 24 hours in advance of the session. This is important, as it can affect your out of network insurance reimbursement.


We work with clients who are ready to make an investment in themselves and their mental health goals. As a boutique therapy practice, we screen clients to determine the best fit, so you can have a more enriching experience with your therapist.
We’ll customize your treatment plan based on your goals.
Call today to schedule an appointment with Flourish Psychology, or to learn more about out-of-network benefits and how you can find out what the process is for receiving care.