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Progressive Counting Therapy in Brooklyn, NYC

Do you feel lost after experiencing a traumatic event?

You are not alone.

After a traumatic event, people often experience a loss of memory as their mind is trying to protect them from experiencing any negative feelings or thoughts. In reality, digging up these lost memories can benefit the individual in their healing process.

Progressive Counting (PC) is a research-supported technique where your therapist serves as a guide to help you to reconsolidate memories lost due to trauma. It also helps you to gain a healthier outlook on the event that is causing your distress, which is an important part of your healing process. 

How does Progressive Counting work?

The therapist will guide you in imagining a film reel of the traumatic memory while counting out loud; the therapist will count from 1-10, then 1-20, all the way to 100.

As the films get shorter, stress levels go down because the memories get absorbed or healed, and this helps the patient gain a fresh and often neutral perspective on the event at hand. 

Our therapists who specialize in progressive counting can walk you through this healing intervention. 

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