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Therapist in Manhattan – Counseling and Mental Health at Flourish

Flourish Psychology is a Boutique Private Practice Providing Therapy in NYC

You deserve to feel your best. You deserve to know your worth, experience freedom from outside sources, and always be ready to perform to the best of your abilities.

Flourish Psychology is a specialty private practice, operating out of Brooklyn but serving Manhattan and the rest of New York City.

Our therapists, known throughout Manhattan for their work with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, work pressure, relationships, and more, are here to utilize a broad range of therapeutic modalities crafted for you as an individual. Our therapists are here to *see* you, and to really help you get to where you need to be. If you’re looking for a therapist in Manhattan, contact Flourish Psychology, today at 917-737-9475.

Who We Are – Why Choose Flourish Psychology for Therapy?

Part of seeing a therapist is about finding someone you can really connect with. It is that connection that can help you and your mental health flourish. We have a team of kind, open, judgment free therapists that we connect you with based on what you need, your personality, and who would benefit you the most.

Our therapists are known for their work with high profile clients and celebrities, and we often work with those in high stress positions, such as lawyers/attorneys, doctors, CEOs, and those in the public eye that require discretion. 

We also connect with those around NYC who are hoping to find a therapist who can see and understand them.

Our therapists and couples counselors each have their own specialties, including common modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Brainspotting, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Somatic Therapy, Gottman Method couples counseling, and many others.

We also believe that there is value in combining elements from multiple styles, incorporating the strengths from different modalities to help you be who you were meant to be.

What We Treat

As experienced therapists and marriage counselors, we are able to address many challenges and conditions, with staff that are able to support you through a variety of life’s challenges. Although we work with many common diagnoses, we also believe that you don’t need to have a diagnosable disorder to benefit from treatment.

Our therapists can help you with many common issues, including:


Depression – Those that feel sad, down, empty, or like they are struggling to hold their lives together can contact us about mental health support for their depression. We want to help you find a path to happiness, addressing issues past, present, and future to help you move forward.


Anxiety – When a person feels stressed, nervous, overwhelmed, or anxious, they are often finding their lives are consumed by these emotions with little room left for positivity and joy. We can help you learn techniques to stay calm, focused, collected, and in control.


Disordered Eating – Eating disorders and related conditions are a specialty of our team. In the world of social media, we often find that influencers, models, and many young adults are struggling with their views about food, diet, exercise, and their bodies. We are here to help those in Manhattan move forward.


Work Stresses – Due to our work with executives, celebrities, and other high profile clients, we are available to help with work stress, managing work/life balance, and how to adjust to changes in your career.


Women’s Mental Health Issues – As a woman owned private practice, our therapists recognize some of the unique challenges that women experience with work life, postpartum issues, infertility, motherhood, stress unique to female leaders, and much more. We are here to support you through any issues you may be struggling with.


Relationship Challenges – Flourish Psychology provides couples counseling. We are open to both traditional and non-traditional relationships, and use a fair and unbiased approach to help both parties communicate better and feel more content as a couple.

We have more information about our services and our specialties here on our website. But we also know that a significant part of helping someone with their mental health comes from starting a conversation. That is why we strongly encourage you to reach out and schedule an intake appointment with one of our therapists. Let’s connect you with someone that is right for you, and then we can talk about the different treatment options and approaches available.

Woman with OCD in NYC washing hands

About Our Location and Remote Approach to Therapy

At Flourish Psychology, we traditionally operate remotely, which allows us to see individuals at any time of day with no commute. Because of our work with business leaders, we already see many clients in Manhattan. But even here in Brooklyn, we know how difficult it can be to commute for therapy and how cold therapist offices can seem. 

We feel that offering services remotely reduces the burden on the patient, while still providing the same level of care. 

Those that would like to see us in person can also do so at our office on a limited basis, which is only a short drive over the bridge at 32 Court St, Suite 1901, Brooklyn, NY 11201 and takes fewer than 25 minutes via the subway. However, we often find that most patients prefer remote once they’ve tried it, as it makes therapy much easier to schedule and is often just as comfortable, if not more so.

Payments and Scheduling – About Out of Network Therapy Services

At Flourish Psychology, we have made a decision not to directly accept insurance. That makes us what’s known as a “out of network” provider. Payments are made in cash at the time of service, and then you are able to go to your insurance company to receive reimbursement for your payments depending on your coverage. While this can seem like an extra step, we believe there are many benefits to this, including:

Insurance agencies cannot control what treatment you receive. When using an in-network provider, there are typically requirements about what treatments can be used and for how long, which limits both the therapist and patient.

Insurance agencies require a diagnosis, like generalized anxiety disorder or major depression. Patients that may need help but do not qualify for (or prefer to avoid a diagnosis) cannot always receive help from their insurance.

Insurance agency information becomes part of a permanent medical record. Paying in cash allows people to avoid sharing information about seeking therapy unless they choose to.

Every insurance plan is different, and so we will need to review your insurance to see how much it covers. Sometimes, it is as much as 50%. Sometimes it is 80% or more. Out of network does not mean that it is not covered. It simply means that the method of billing is slightly different than it would be in-network.

Seeking Mental Health Support in the City that Never Sleeps

Manhattan is not like the rest of the United States. We live in a high intensity environment that has its own unique mental health challenges and experiences that are often very specific to New York City.

That is why it is often so important to find someone that can really understand you – something that can help center you, identify your needs, and help bring you to where you need to be. Our therapist are here and ready to help you address your mental health. If you are in Manhattan and you’re ready to get started, please contact Flourish Psychology, today.

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