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Online Therapy is Convenient

Online therapy is incredibly convenient. Clients are able to have their sessions from the comfort of their own home. Online therapy erases the hassle of commuting, and dealing with traffic. Clients no longer have to worry about whether or not they will arrive on time. Clients also do not have to worry about cancelling their sessions because of train delays or intense traffic. This also does away with some of the stress clients face before their sessions. 

When sessions are conducted online, clients only need access to an electronic device such as a phone, or computer and WiFi connection. This makes it easy to start sessions. In addition, clients are already in their homes and do not need to have the added trip back home.

More Insight

This method of therapy strengthens the relationship between a client and therapist. This is because both parties gain new insight into the lives of one another. Through video services, clients are able to view what the homes of their therapists look like. This allows both clients and therapists to see what the other’s world looks like. It also allows for a more intimate relationship. This causes clinicians to feel closer to their patients, and vice versa.

If problems stem from home life therapists have access that they didn’t have with in person sessions. Many people struggle with sleeping in the dark, or darkness in general. In online therapy, therapists can simulate a situation that deals with the clients fears. This allows the therapist to help the client in real time. It also gives the therapist more information on how to better deal with the clients fears. It can also help therapists better understand their clients overall. 

A sense of Normalcy

Coronavirus has made many clients anxious and has disturbed their daily routines. Anxiety becomes heightened and depression is more likely to happen. Online therapy does not add to the stress. Instead, it allows clients to feel normal again. Relief is only a phone call, or Skype session away.

The virus may have made clients anxious about when they would have been able to have another session. Some may have even feared that sessions would have stopped completely until the end of the virus. For clients who need order, and depend heavily on routine, the absence of therapy would have negative effects. Being able to continue therapy creates a schedule for clients. For others it allows them to keep the routine they have already familiarized themselves with.

Come As You Are

Lastly, online therapy allows clients to come as they are. Clients can attend their therapy sessions in the clothes they feel most comfortable in. Some clients find that online therapy takes away the stress of having to be perfectly made up for sessions. The ability to show up to sessions with unmade hair, in pajamas, and bunny slippers takes away this stress. It helps clients feel truly comfortable during their sessions. Therapists also experience this relief and can attend sessions, in the clothes they feel most comfortable. When both parties feel at ease, the session flows smoothly and decreases tension.

Looking for Online Therapy?

Flourish Psychology conducts therapy sessions online. Please contact us to find out more about our practice. If coronavirus has caused your anxiety to heighten or has caused depression please reach out to us. Our therapists specialize in treating areas such as depression and anxiety and work to improve the lives of their clients.