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The pandemic, at least as far as the government is concerned, is officially over. Though the virus is still circulating, and many of us still wear masks or allow the COVID-19 to affect our decisions (for example, attending a packed event), many others have moved on, and the government programs that were initially designed to help provide resources and reduce society’s risks have all ended.

It has now been over three years. For many, life has moved on. Many people are going back to work, spending time with many friends, and taking fewer precautions than they did before. But while it’s easy to see how life has gone back to normal, a question remains: is it still affecting us, even now?

No Time to Cope – The Fast Pace of Life

  • Many of us lost people during the pandemic.
  • Many of us remember what it was like to live in fear.
  • Many of us developed habits, like drinking alcohol, that still continue to this day.
  • Many of us still worry that we or someone we love could be ill at any moment.
  • Many of us lost friendships, relationships, or trust in ways that haven’t come back.

The pandemic may be “over” on a government level. It may even be over as far as our own personal precautions (though not for everyone). But one way that it is not over is that we, both here in New York and as a country, have never really had an opportunity to grieve. We haven’t been given an opportunity to process trauma. We haven’t been able to recognize all that has been lost, from time with friends to our children’s education. We haven’t had many chances to examine how the stress has affected us.

Some of us have been able to move forward. But many others are still struggling with minor and major issues, including anxiety, depression, and grief, that we haven’t had an opportunity to process. We may be forced into a situation where we have to pretend like life is back to normal, but those 1, 2, and 3 years that were dramatically altered by the pandemic can still cause very real, longstanding issues even today.

Getting Help for Pandemic Stress

It’s okay to still be affected by the pandemic. It’s okay to have emotional and psychological issues that developed as a result of this lost, stressful time. Here in NYC, where the early part of the pandemic hit us all incredibly hard, it is understandable that we still have little things that may be affecting us as a result of those challenging times.

If you feel like you are still affected, let Flourish Psychology help. Our therapists understand your struggles, and we’re here to help you adjust and feel more closely aligned with your pre-pandemic self – or better. Contact us today to get started.

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