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Flourish Psychology has a team of Brooklyn couples counselors that work with partners through all stages of their relationship – from the newly dating to those celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary to those that have already ended their relationship and are looking for support.

Working in couples counseling in Brooklyn has helped us discover many challenges that are unique to this area. While relationships have similarities no matter where you live – whether you’re in the heart of Brooklyn Heights or in the middle of rural New York – there are issues unique to Brooklyn that can affect relationships in distinctive ways.

Example 1: Limited Relaxation Time

New York City is one of the fastest paced, densely packed cities in the world. There is a lot to do, and the people here typically understand how busy Brooklyn life can be.

But that same busyness can have an effect on your relationship, because it also means that there is very little time to relax. All couples need that relaxation time. Sometimes, not getting that time can create arguments. For example, some people may find that they need to be alone for a while to de-stress and may not have time for their partner. Others may find that the hustle and bustle makes it hard to feel relaxed enough for intimacy. 

There are different ways this can manifest, but living in a high stress environment can take its toll on couples.

Example 2: Brooklyn Tough

Communication is key to a happy relationship. People in Brooklyn, and throughout New York City, are typically taught to be tough. “Tough” can make it easier to grit through hard times, but in relationships, being “tough” and not allowing yourself to be vulnerable can also affect marriages. 

There are upsides to that toughness. It can mean that you can handle fights and arguments better than people in other cities in the US. But there are also downsides, and that can affect relationships and push people towards couples therapy. 

Example 3: Finances

Brooklyn is one of the most expensive places to live in the entire United States. Yet it also has its share of income inequality. It is not uncommon for people here to struggle with their finances, and financial issues are one of the most common reasons for arguments for couples.

Example 4: Fame and Power

Though this description is not likely to apply to everyone, there are typically two places where people live if they are, or want to become, famous, wealthy, or powerful – Los Angeles, and New York City. Being a high profile individual may have its perks, but it can also affect relationships, and many of the calls we get are from high profile individuals in Brooklyn and NYC that require discretion, yet are going through challenging times with their partners.

Example 5: Cultural and Religious Differences

Brooklyn is a melting pot for different cultures, different religions, and different backgrounds. That melting pot is one of the best parts of living here, and it is also a chance for people to meet and start relationships that would otherwise not be in a similar cultural sphere. 

While these relationships often thrive, having cultural or religious differences can introduce arguments, misunderstandings, and road blocks that you need to overcome. It’s one of the best parts about Brooklyn, but it can still lead people to couples counseling.

Any Reason, Any Couple – Couples Counseling in Brooklyn with Flourish Psychology

There is no wrong reason to seek out a couples counselor in Brooklyn. At Flourish Psychology, our services are comfortable and judgment-free. We believe that every couple that wants support deserves support, and many issues that affect relationships in NYC are universal – not necessarily related to being in Brooklyn. 

But there are undoubtedly issues that are also unique to living in New York City, which is why it is so important to know that you have couples counselors that are here to help. Call us if you’d like support for your relationship, or to inquire about what is included in our services.

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