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The lifestyle of celebrities may seem glamorous. But, behind the scenes, many celebrities struggle with the same mental troubles that others do. As a therapist that works with many celebrity and high profile clients, the anxiety, depression, and other struggles that celebrities face is often very similar to the rest of the population.

However, their presence in the public spotlight can not only compound issues or create unnatural relationships with mental health, it can also rob them of their ability to communicate their mental struggles or victories with others. This means that many of those in the public eye often struggle to address their mental health, while also finding themselves under intense pressure to continue performing as though they are not struggling.

Are Celebrity Therapy Needs Unique?

Every person of any age goes through struggles at times, and – when they need a bit of extra help – deserves to have someone by their side they can trust to help them through their own mental process of healing. This means that regardless of someone’s reputation or status in our society, confidentiality and discretion should still be offered to them regardless of their issues

Therapy for a celebrity is largely the same as therapy for anyone else. It involves solutions like CBT, DBT, and other approaches that are known to support a person’s mental health and wellbeing. These are extensively researched solutions, and that is why it is so important to make sure that we utilize these approaches.

However, as therapists for high profile clients, we also have to be aware of unique needs that may arise.  Celebrities often deal with specific mental health struggles as well. Although they are not completely unique to those who would be considered famous, it is still important to have an understanding of these needs. Some of those struggles include:

  • Lifestyles of Constant and Intense Activity – The life of a celebrity can be intense. Whether it is running to interviews, projects, traveling, or more projects, celebrities often don’t have time to stop. A big part of counseling a celebrity is making sure that they are taking the time to manage their own mental health despite the expectations that culture is putting on them.
  • Scrutiny into Their Marriage or Relationship Status – Private romantic relationships rarely exists for celebrities. Who they are dating, who they are married to, and how that relationship is going is often placed under incredible scrutiny by many people who have never met the celebrity in question. This form of a parasocial relationship is one that can damage a legitimate marriage or family, and therapists have to be able to walk a celebrity through that process of emotional management.
  • Emotional Management of Negative and Critical Comments – Most people spend their lives wondering what other people think about them, while celebrities hear about these opinions every day and are forced to confront their feelings about those comments. It is very easy to learn what your reputation is if you are celebrity, as social media comments are right there at the press of a button. Being able to manage the potential damage that society can do to a celebrity is one of the primary challenges of a celebrity therapist.
  • Limited Time for Personal Growth – Because of their busy schedules, celebrities often have very little time to focus on themselves despite their personal life seemingly being on display at all times. That is why a celebrity therapist can often have pressure put on them to consistently create effective therapy sessions. Limited time means limited treatment, and many of the issues that celebrities need healing for can take significant time to work through.

Celebrity treatment may be similar to how we would treat anyone else’s mental health needs. But the issues that arise can be unique and different. That is why it is often helpful to work with a therapist that understands these unique needs. Contact Flourish Psychology to learn more. We are licensed in multiple states.