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New Yorkers have a lot of pride. And they should. New York is a fascinating place to live. It is the densest city in the United States. It is the city with the highest GDP. It one of the most linguistically diverse places in the world. It is headquarters to the most Fortune 500 companies, the largest library, world art, and so much more. There is a reason this is the City That Never Sleeps.

So we know that New York is unique in its economy, its people, and its lifestyle. But what many people don’t realize is that NYC can also be unique in its mental health challenges. Although the conditions affecting New Yorkers are essentially the same as they are everywhere else, there are issues that can arise here that may be less likely in other places in the United States.

Examples of Mental Health Related Issues Specific to New York City

To be clear, New Yorkers do not have higher mental health issues than other states. Here, we have better access to mental healthcare, better access to social programs, and other advantages that make it possible for New Yorkers to manage their psychological wellness. But there are also issues unique to New York that can affect both people and couples. For example:

  • Cost of Living – The cost of living in New York is so high that many people, including those that otherwise have fairly high paying careers, can find that there is significant financial pressures on them that may be difficult to cope with.
  • High Profile Issues – New York has more CEOs than any other city in the country. It has almost as many celebrities as Los Angeles. It has fashion models, lawyers, doctors – people that are faced with unique, high profile pressures, all in a city that also houses the most widely distributed news.
  • Social Issues – Because of its density, New York is a place where many people socialize at all hours of the day, where there are always loud activities going on, and where people are expected to be able to socialize often.
  • Hustle Lifestyle – Many people here in NYC also live a hustle lifestyle, getting by with multiple jobs and multiple businesses, always looking for new opportunities. That type of lifestyle can lead to issues like stress and burnout.

Many of the issues affecting New Yorkers are also the same as they would be anywhere else – anxiety, depression, addiction, and relationship issues – but have causes or are fueled by experiences that tend to exist more in New York.

Receiving High Quality Mental Health Treatment

New York may be unique. But one thing that New York has is access to some amazing therapists. If you feel like you’re struggling, and you’d like to connect with a therapist that is available to help you, please reach out to Flourish Psychology, today.

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