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Sometimes when we think of therapy, we only think of diagnoses related to mental health concerns. We forget that people’s careers and lifestyles that have been afforded to them can also take a toll on mental health. The high stress related to “keeping up” can cause burnout, stress, exhaustion, and failed attempts to self-medicate.

Here are 5 reasons celebrities, high-achievers, and CEOs should seek therapy:


Whether you are a celebrity or running a business or country, there is immense pressure for you to perform. Expectations are high and the spotlight is bright. You may be attempting to balance work, a social life, family obligations, and a never-ending flow of tasks to complete. From the outside, it may appear that you perform like you are “at the top of your game” but internally you may feel overwhelmed. Isolation and stress might also take its toll on your mental health.

You may hold your feelings of stress in because those around you are the ones applying the pressure. Therapy can help due to the discrete nature of the work. It can be a confidential and non-judgmental space to help you manage this pressure. After working with a therapist you will notice a decrease in stress and anxiety. You will also notice an improvement in feeling more “free” and relieved of pressures.

2. CRITICS’ JUDGMENTs are hurtful

If you are a celebrity, business leader, athlete, or politician you may not be viewed as a holistic person with real struggles. Less empathy might be afforded to you as a wealthy or successful person as well. People in your life or outside critics might wrongly believe that money solves all problems. Additionally, the judgment and scrutiny from social media, people who don’t agree with your opinions, or competitors may lead you to feel off. Anxiety, a lack of self-esteem, and burnout are common experiences if you are constantly trying to fend off negative feedback.

Therapy can help you cope with the distress of these negative influences. Therapy is a space to process these struggles and overcome them so they don’t block success or happiness. You will learn tools that go beyond people’s advice to just “block out the noise.” You will feel more confident and equipped to overcome the negative voices.

3. self-medicating doesn’t work

You might find yourself attempting to solve your high-pressure demands through self-medicating. Alcohol, uppers, sedatives, and other substances might be abused to keep you afloat. The use of these substances in a constant cycle may seem like the only way to cope. Moreover, the environment you are in might normalize the never-ending use of substances to help you “take the edge off,” perform when tired, sleep when anxious, or have fun when out.

You might notice most people in your life cope with the use of substances. Or, you might feel alone in this struggle because all of the pressure tends to fall on you. Either way, therapy can help you escape this cycle and can help you feel a sense of freedom from the adverse consequences of substance use.

4. perfectionistic tendencies

As a high performer in your area, you are likely grateful for the skills, intelligence, and unique gifts that equipped you to achieve this level of success. You might also notice that your perfectionism sometimes acts as your biggest critic and it might now allow you to have fun and enjoy breaks. You may need more balance through decreasing self-judgment around your appearance, your performance, or your leadership abilities.

You may also feel like an imposter at times and question how you made it to this level of celebrity or status. Being too hard on yourself in all areas of your life can hold you back from enjoying your talents and career. Therapy can help you catch your negative inner critic and allow you to feel free from self-induced judgment while still supporting you to meet your goals and continue to achieve them.

5. relationships are suffering

Those who are closest to you might feel the effects of what you are going through. Relationships are hard to maintain when you are under constant pressure or scrutiny. You may feel misunderstood by others or you may feel you can’t open up and trust others easily. You may notice you are easily irritated or you have a “short fuse” with those closest to you. Perhaps those you love have tried to help or perhaps they contribute to a toxic cycle that is holding you back. The therapy relationship can help normalize these experiences and help you connect better with others so you can enjoy the people again who matter most to you.

the importance of discreet confidential therapy for celebrities and high-powered individuals.

It is likely you have experienced situations in which your privacy isn’t consistently maintained even when promised. Others might have broken trust or privacy agreements for their own gain and it could be hard to imagine there is a space where true confidentially is possible. Therapy is that space.

Therapy is one of the only spaces where confidentiality is legally and ethically maintained. You can use your therapy sessions to enjoy time for your wellness where you are not judged or placed on a pedestal. Your therapy relationship can be a space to divulge stressors and fears. It can also be a place to feel human and safe where there are no pressures or expectations to perform. Your therapy would consider your unique story that brought you to this place in life, but it won’t overshadow your needs as a person with struggles.

At Flourish Psychology we are skilled in therapy for celebrities, leaders, and other high-profile individuals. We ensure you feel safe and that your mental health is taken care of. We offer flexible scheduling and specialize in the various concerns that might hold you back from happiness, peace, or more success. We understand that your identity consists of multitudes; you are not just your career or position/title. We also offer a concierge service should this level of help be needed. Please feel free to reach out to us and schedule an appointment. We offer consultations as well to ensure we are the best fit for your goals and needs.