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As specialists in disordered eating and eating disorders, one issue that drives many poor eating habits is the idea of avoiding being “fat” – a term, often used as a slur, that is designed to shame someone about the size of their body. We know from health science that bodies of all sizes can be healthy bodies and that the concept of “fat” as unhealthy or unattractive is not factual. It is time to reclaim the word fat, and restore it’s proper meaning.

It’s why we emphasize what we call fat positivity – the concept that all bodies, and particularly larger bodies, are inherently worthy and that size itself is not a determinant of health status or physical attractiveness.

What “All Sizes Fit” Really Means

As Rebecca Appleman, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with offices in NY, CT and FL and owner of Appleman Nutrition explains, “it is a pervasive view in both diet and wellness culture that “fat” is bad;  That it is bad to eat fat and bad to be fat. This view is profoundly misguided.” High quality fat, is a vital nutrient and is important to consume in order to decrease inflammation in the body and protect the heart, brain and bones. Rebecca further reflects that “fat bodies have unfortunately been culturally deemed unhealthy, unworthy,  and unattractive. Appleman Nutrition wholly rejects the idea that only one body type is worthy and that only thin bodies can be healthy and strong. Every body has value, and every body deserves to be well nourished and well cared for.” 

Fat positivity is about embracing your body as it is and not allowing unscientific standards dictate your body image.

At Flourish Psychology, we call this the concept of “all sizes fit.” It is the idea that:

  • Whatever size you are is the right fit for you.
  • Whatever shape you have is an ideal shape to be.
  • Whatever view you have about beauty standards, you fit into that view.

Through this concept, we work with patients that struggle with disordered eating, teaching them how to be in touch with their body and its signals, knowing how to listen to it and give it what it needs to thrive. We teach you how to accept your body and what it does for you, focusing less on its appearance and instead on how incredible it is that it allows you to enjoy and appreciate so much goodness in life.

We also focus on acceptance, and learning to accept all the great things you already have instead of desiring what you do not. These skills help not only with poor body image, but also with changing your overall mindset about how to live an enjoyable, incredible life of any size at any time.

Health at Every Size

In the mental health world, the concept of “Health at Every Size” (often shortened to HAES) is supported by research. Teaching people to love themselves, address their mental health needs, and respond to their body showed better overall health outcomes, no matter their weight on the scale.

The idea behind fat positivity is based on this principle. It is to show people that loving yourself matters more for your health than other approaches, and that your size or weight matters less for your mental AND physical wellbeing than the way you feel about it.

Learning to Love Yourself and Your Body

Food is designed to nourish our bodies so that we can enjoy all the other activities that we wish to enjoy. When food becomes a distraction, or how we feel about our body interrupts our ability to enjoy all of life’s many pleasures, then that’s when we need to take a step back and gain a better understanding of why we feel that way and what we can do to feel more positive about ourselves and our bodies.

If you or someone you love is struggling with disordered eating or body image issues, please reach out to Flourish Psychology today. Our therapists often work with patients that have eating disorders on ways to improve their relationship with food and to feel more positive with themselves and their bodies.

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