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Cognitive behavioral therapy, known as “CBT,” is considered the gold standard psychological treatment for several mental health conditions. CBT is especially effective for anxiety. At Flourish Psychology, we believe in creating a personalized approach to treating all mental health conditions, but for many of our patients, CBT is the best primary treatment choice.

But why is CBT so effective?

Benefits of CBT – What it is and Why it Works

CBT has been extensively researched by universities across the United States. It has been the primary therapy choice on the West Coast for decades. Other therapeutic modalities remained more popular in places like NYC and Brooklyn, like psychodynamic theory, but recently CBT has overtaken them as well as the top choice for most psychologists.

Cognitive behavioral therapy isn’t one specific approach, but rather many different strategies that are all related to addressing cognitions (thoughts) and behaviors. Guided by your therapist, you’ll use strategies that include:

  • Identifying behavioral patterns.
  • Challenging thought accuracy.
  • Creating goals and problem solving.
  • Activating emotionally healthier behaviors.
  • Learning relaxation techniques.

Within these are even more techniques and strategies, such as reducing “fortune telling” behavior, journaling, interventions for emotional reasoning, and more.

What makes these techniques so effective is that they are directly related to the thoughts and patterns commonly associated with all forms of anxiety, and they provide those solutions with other benefits that include:

  • Faster – While there is plenty of benefit to seeing a psychologist for ongoing treatment, CBT itself can provide faster results than almost any other studied form of psychology.
  • Goal Oriented – You and your anxiety therapist will be specifically trying to reach measurable goals, and will be able to see and track your progress along the way.
  • Present Focused – There is benefit to talking about your past and future. But when you need help now, what matters most is a present-focused approach, like CBT.

Anxiety itself affects the way people think and act in ways that contribute to even more anxiety. CBT addresses these directly and head on.

Above all else, CBT is evidence-based. This is a form of therapy that has stood up to rigorous psychological testing, so we can deliver CBT with confidence when we treat our patients here in NYC.

About CBT Therapy with the Brooklyn Therapists at Flourish

What matters is your recovery. CBT may be the gold standard, but maybe your specific treatment needs silver or platinum. Our goal is to talk to you to identify what approach makes the most sense for addressing your struggles and your needs.

But there is no denying that for anxiety CBT is one of the best ways to support our patients, and our therapists at Flourish Psychology can provide CBT in ways that encourage your recovery and help you move forward in your life. Learn more about Flourish by contacting our team today.

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