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Your mental health is important. Psychotherapy, when provided by experienced therapists, is one of the best available techniques for improving your mental health. Using evidence-based practices that have been extensively researched by universities all over the world, therapy is the most effective tool we have for addressing a person’s psychological challenges.

But while studies have shown that therapy modalities – like CBT – offer outstanding results, similar studies have also shown that a significant part of the success of therapy comes from finding a therapist in NYC that you are comfortable with – one that you trust to address your needs, and that feels like they connect with you on a deeper level.

Finding *Your* Therapist 

Before we talk about how to find a therapist that fits your needs, let’s first examine the most common reasons that someone quits therapy. These are:

  • They do not get along with their therapist.
  • They do not trust their therapist.
  • They are unwilling to open up to the therapist.
  • They do not feel they are improving enough.
  • They disagree with the therapist about the problem and how to address it.

In addition, what we’ve noticed is that many people that felt they didn’t “get anything from therapy” contacted only one therapist, didn’t feel like it helped, and then gave up on the field altogether.

Your relationship with your therapist is just that: a relationship. If you don’t feel that “spark” with your therapist, then not only will it be harder to receive the help you need – you’ll also find that the therapy will be less likely to work. Therapy’s success relies on finding a therapist that is right for you.

What You SHOULD Do to Find A Therapist 

The first thing to note is that you’re never stuck with a therapist. You can try one out for a few sessions, see if there is a connection, and find a new one. While no one likes change – especially not when it comes to mental health – you get to choose when to commit, and only when you’ve found someone that you truly feel is right for you should you commit to the process.

You should also consider asking them important questions that affect how comfortable you’ll be with their services:

  • What approaches to therapy do you use?
  • Are you comfortable working with someone of my background?
  • What process will you use to help me reach my goals?
  • How long do you expect therapy to last?
  • What are your typical clients like?

While this list of questions can serve as a guide, you should also ask any questions that concern you, or curiosities you have. Therapy is more effective the more you feel comfortable with the person providing the therapy, and – if you have an intake appointment, like we offer here at Flourish Psychology in Brooklyn – you should ask any questions that you need to feel comfortable.

Therapy Will Challenge You – Find Your Therapist First

Once you’ve found a therapist you feel connected to, that’s when you will want to commit to giving the process a chance. Therapy will occasionally challenge you. It is effective, but it requires vulnerability, honestly, and openness. There might be situations where your therapist says something to you that you do not want to hear, and the last thing you want to do is try to find a new therapist that tells you only what you want them to say.

That’s why the best thing you can do for yourself is to find a NYC therapist that you connect with first, so that when you are ready to commit to them, you know that you’ve chosen them for a reason. You’ll know that they have your interests in mind, and that they are giving you an evidence based treatment that they believe will help you the most.

If you’d like to learn more about our therapists, contact Flourish Psychology today for your intake appointment, and let’s see if we’re a good fit for you.